Friday, April 17, 2009

digging out the water tank

This is the water tank that was created by my dad in the 60's. It was in the days before pumped water, and each house had to draw water from a hand pump down the road. Dad built the tank to store water from the roof, and them pump it into the house. Pretty modern for those days. He built it by hand with his dad, and used lots and lots of concrete....which meant that I had to struggle to remove it! Why remove it? Because it is sitting right in the place where my bedrooms will go. I had to use two jackhammers and a JCB over three days to remove it.

1926 School Roll Books

Here are some more examples of what's in the roll books - but this time in Irish. The books went from English to Irish after the free state was established in 1922. For whatever reason, the books remained written in English until 1926.
My Aunt's name - Una McNamara above

My uncles, Tom and Jim McNamara, above.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ganty National Schoolhouse Roll Books 1925

Mary J. Clune
Delia O'Hagan
Ignatius Hynes
Michael Melvin
Edward J. Keane
Peter Broughan
Michael Uniacke
John Melvin
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Ganty National School Roll Books 1925

Michael McNamara
Michael Broughan
Tom Raftery
Partick Dempsey
Malachi Raftery
Patrick O'Hagan
John Raftery
Mary Dempsey
Eileen Kennedy
Frances Kennedy
Philomena McNamara
Kathleen Connolly
Patrick Melvin
Patrick Raftery
Sean Hynes
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Observations and Suggestions of District Inspector, Ganty National School, Craughwell, Co. Galway 1850

Here are some photos of the genuine school roll books. You can see the date in the above photo.

Here are some notes from the school inspector - he notes that "proficiency is low..." and arithmetic is also not so good...
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